Machine learning

“The breakthrough in Machine Learning is going to have the value of 10 Microsofts”

Bill Gates

Machine learning & AI

These two technologies help computer programs to learn from their own experience and make their own decisions. You don't believe that it works? When was the last time that you realized you were mindlessly scrolling down your Facebook feed for hours again and again, but you could't help it? That was just a machine learning algorithm kicking in.

Do you want some more examples?

  • Cancer diagnostics from X-ray images
  • Image recognition (image recognition)
  • Deep text or speech analysis, including the analysis of mood and topic
  • CCTV supervision (video surveillance)
  • Online support and chatbots
  • Virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa,…)

How do we apply these technologies?

The core of these technologies is quite easily applicable to any solution - recommend your customers a product that is a great complement to their purchase or let them enjoy a fully personalised experience from your web. All of that is already possible nowadays for a reasonable price.

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Speed & flexibility

We were born as a startup that changes almost every day and requires maximum speed and flexibility. We answer 91% of emails in 40 minutes.


The best solution is the standard for us. That is confirmed by 5-star reviews on the biggest platform evaluating developers worldwide and stylish hand-written personal letters of recommendation.

Business orientation

Research among our clients revealed that from 95% they appreciate our business orientation the most. We save time, make money, solve problems.

Our values


We deliver to the last pixel what we promise. Our team proactively manages the whole project to the success and deadlines are sacred to us.


Human approach

We don't bore anyone with technical terms, we want to speak like humans. We understand business and not to waste your time we speak honestly.



Innovate or die. We know it and we are not ready for dying, so we constantly innovate, experiment and improve.



The main reasons why we are a great SW agency are long-term relationships with our clients. We forecast their needs, save time and in 93% of cases, they are coming back to us.

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